'Slipping By'

Slipping by is not exactly a behavior of the primary aggressor. Rather it is a de facto pattern enacted by the interaction of the primary aggressor and the larger community.

The transgressions of the primary aggressor that are subject to response by authority occur in so many different areas that do not coordinate or tie in together. Even when power and abusive behaviors are caught by some authority or another, sanctions are light and jurisdiction expires quickly and there is no real accountability. Primary aggressors are usually not criminals and try to avoid severe acts in public. In this area there no real way to capture numerousness except by the narrative of the survivor, but that is not enforceable anywhere since it is considered biased

Where the primary aggressor is in law-enforcement, there is additionally potential to slip by. Apart from the possibility of collusion by colleagues, police are allowed power and control and stalking actions civilians are not. Moreover, police are expected to carry hand-guns constantly, on duty and off, so doing so brings no scrutiny. There is an excellent site devoted to law enforcement officers as primary aggressors: http://www.abuseofpower.info/www/index.htm