Legal Abuse

I do not use the term legal abuse to mean abuse that is malignant but which does not violate criminal statutes--as this website details, there is plenty of that and that is a problem.

But by 'legal abuse' I mean use of the legal system to abuse the survivor. This type of abuse becomes more prominent once there is a separation or a protection order in place. More so than in criminal proceedings against the primary aggressor, family court proceedings are especially vulnerable abuse. It is the ultimate abuse of process. For sake of discussion, legal abuse can be divided into three categories: gender driven, jurisprudence driven, and primary aggressor driven.

Gender Driven Legal Abuse

Jurisprudence Driven Legal Abuse

Primary Aggressor Driven Legal Abuse

False Equivalences

Any family or civil court process is going to devolve into a 'weighing' of factors. This opens the door to false equivalences which are the stock and trade of abusive blame. Common false equivalences drawn by abusers and their attorneys are:


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