Some sources write that jealous feelings are okay as long as they do not lead to intimidation, isolation, or stalking. That seems a reasonable position toward occasional feelings in a non-oppressive relationship. However, constant looming jealousy, and unjustified jealous suspicions (from angry attachment) do quite a bit of damage to survivors. The walking on eggshells necessarily causes survivors to limit and distort normal social interaction. Paired with a jealous man, most women will start to isolate themselves for protection.

Forced confessions are abusive episodes in which a primary aggressor harangues the survivor in order to get her to confess to infidelity, which overwhelmingly. This is of course a no win situation-- if the survivor denies it the primary aggressor insists she is lying and is enraged. If she falsely confesses, the primary aggressor is enraged and insists on non-existant details. Many primary aggressors that are jealous themselves are actually having affairs.

Infidelity in our culture is still considered justification for extreme acts, and so mere accusations often allow the primary aggressor to justify his abuse.